Up to Speed – Passport Package

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For the past several months Jsport has been firing on all cylinders to get our highly anticipated 2019 Honda Passport products built and on the shelf. Now that they are here, we figured now would be a great time to give you a snapshot of each product and the basic philosophies behind them.

Pre Run Package

For several years running, the Jsport Pre Run Package has been the number one selling product offering on the Ridgeline and Pilot platforms at Jsport. As soon as we began development on the new Honda Passport platform we knew that we needed to adapt the Pre Run Package in some fashion. Just like on the Ridgeline and Pilot variants, this package includes our true hub centric Pre Run wheels (the ONLY wheels on the market designed specifically for Honda truck/SUV application) and we wrap them in the tried and true Nitto Terra Grappler all terrain tires. Unlike the Ridgeline and Pilot, the Passport starts out an inch higher off the ground, and rather than including a 1.5″ Leveling kit, we introduced a new lift to compliment the 1.5″ up front with a .75″ spacer in the rear as well. The Pre Run Package on the Passport is the best way to get the most out of the platform.

Lift Kit

One of the distinct advantages of the Passport is that it sits higher from the factory than the Ridgeline and Pilot by an inch. We’re in the business of getting the most out of Honda vehicles while rigorously ensuring that we keep all warranties intact and that all factory components remain within spec. The Passport Lift Kit accomplishes all of those objectives while adding 1.5″ to the front and .75″ to the rear of the vehicle.  Constructed from aircraft grade billet aluminum, with an anodized finish to ensure that you never have to worry about your parts breaking down, the Passport lift kit will be the first and last one that you’ll ever need to buy for your Passport!  

Side Steps

We could have easily adapted our existing side step design to fit the Passport, but at Jsport we are never done designing, and we thought the Passport was worthy of an all new side step. The V3 side steps were born to offer functionality, simplicity, and protection for the underside of the vehicle all while offering an amazing new look.  Coming in at a lighter weight than any other side step we have ever produced, the simple lines of the V3 side step really help complete the total look of your Passport.

Skid Plate

One of the most vulnerable areas on any vehicle traversing rough terrain is the underside, especially the oil pan. We created the Honda Ridgeline/Pilot Skid Plate after learning the hard way just how vulnerable the underside was.  800 miles south down the Baja peninsula , we were stranded, and not a single Honda dealer in sight.  We knew we had to make a change.  We took the same formula that has been proven to efficiently protect that area on the Ridgeline and Pilot and adapted it to fit the Passport. Our Passport specific Skid Plate is made of 5052 8ga aluminum to be both lightweight and strong, finished in a durable black powder coat.