Up to Speed – Passport Development

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Light Kit – Ridgeline & Pilot

By far one of our most requested items over the past few years has been a proper lighting kit for the Ridgeline and Pilot.  We are excited to announce that the development has been completed, production has begun, and Jsport lighting kits will be available for pre-order starting in just a few short weeks.

The Jsport lighting kits are comprised of a cutting edge Baja Designs LED light bar, seamless wiring components, and high strength precision bracketry and hardware.  These lighting kits are precision designed for performance and built to outlast the life of your vehicle.  Whether you need a little more light on your dark drive home through the canyon or your off-trail adventure, Jsport has you covered from all angles. 

Plateau Roof Rack

With the great success of our Plateau roof rack system for the Ridgeline it was only a matter of time until we applied the same great design philosophy to a rack for the CR-V. We took the features that everyone loves from the Ridgeline Plateau and reworked them from stem to stern to create what is now the most rugged and versatile roof rack system ever developed for the CR-V.  Designed and manufactured with versatility in mind, the CR-V Plateau is your all-in-one solution to versatility and accessibility.

Side Steps Version II

At Jsport we are constantly looking for ways to improve all of our processes and our products. Our CR-V steps have been very well received, and function great, but the perfectionist in us wasn’t done yet. We are proud to announce that our CR-V v2.0 side steps have received a face lift with enhanced features, as well as a new durable textured powder coat finish to better match the surrounding trim on the vehicle and enhance traction. 

Honda Passport

We know that most of you are as excited for the upcoming Passport products as we are, and we can assure you that the Passport products are our development team’s number one priority right now. We have big plans for the platform and we are doing all we can to get a wide array of accessories into production and available for purchase as soon as possible.  Including but not limited to; 4 corner lift kit, edgy new side step, underbelly skid plates, lighting options, hub-centric off-road wheel options, over-sized tire options, and much more!