Jsport USA Has Arrived

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Honda Passport

Who else is beyond excited for the Passport to start hitting Honda Dealers?

We have been inundated with questions about our plans for the new Passport, and you’d be happy to know that we have already been hands on with the vehicle and have some really exciting products in the works.  Off the bat you can expect to see similar offerings to what has made us famous on the Ridgeline/Pilot platform with accessories like wheels, tires, side steps, lifts, skid plates, and more.

At Jsport we pride ourselves on performing extensive R&D prior to launching any new product.  Although it may still be a month or two before our Passport products are fully produced and in inventory, you can rest assured that our accessories will be warranty compliant, and will have completed rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.

Please reach out with feedback if there is anything that you would like to see us develop for the Passport, we would love to hear what you have in mind.

Honda CR-V

As you may have seen already, Jsport now offers an industry leading 1.5” lift kit for the CR-V! We have transformed the CR-V into something more rugged with more capability, and we have already seen some amazing builds with our lift kit included. Some of our staff members are even running the lift on their personal vehicles and have been pushing the envelope on what was previously thought possible for the CR-V platform.

Honda CR-V

Be on the lookout for an all new Plateau roof rack for the CR-V as well, we have designed a system much like our Plateau roof rack on the Ridgeline, but adapted to suit the CR-V. Trust us when we say that this will be the coolest rack system on the market for any CUV.

Honda Ridgeline

In case you missed it, the Ridgeline Skid Plate has become one of our best selling accessories, and for good reason. One of the most vulnerable places on the Ridgeline and Pilot is the oil pan, as we have painfully discovered in off-road racing. The skid plate is a low cost and high quality solution to the risk of damaging the vulnerable underside of the vehicle, we think it is a no brainer.

SEMA Ridgeline

Many of our customers have been anxiously awaiting for the Ridgeline Plateau and Mesa racks ever since their unveiling in the Honda booth at the 2018 SEMA show. We are excited to inform you at this time that our first production run is nearly complete, and pre-orders will be shipping within just a few weeks, and we will have inventory units available for purchase at that time.

Jsport USA – New Site

Lastly, a reminder that we have moved. Not physically, but online! Our new website is www.Jsportusa.com and with the new site comes several awesome new features If you haven’t logged in yet, hop on and take a look!

Dealers can now view order history, download instructions and guides, view MSRP’s, and much more. On top of all that we will be continually adding new products, and new content to help deliver more products that you the Honda buyer are truly looking for.