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At Jsport we pride ourselves on our development and testing processes.  It is crucial that we make sure every product that we launch has passed all of the highest standards before it ever leaves our facility.  You can ensure that all Jsport products have stood the test of the elements, are solid in construction, are as easy as possible to install and remain warranty complaint.


Ridgeline and Pilot Lighting Kits Coming Soon One of the most requested products we have had over the years at Jsport is a proper off-road lighting setup for the Ridgeline and Pilot. We are happy to announce that we are now in the final design stages of several lighting options to mount [...]

Honda Passport Who else is beyond excited for the Passport to start hitting Honda Dealers? We have been inundated with questions about our plans for the new Passport, and you’d be happy to know that we have already been hands on with the vehicle and have some really exciting products [...]